DTM 800 Twin Beltpack Diversity System (863.0Mhz-865.0Mhz)

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DTM series wireless microphones feature twin UHF belt pack or handheld systems with

20 (863-865

Mhz) selectable frequencies. The Channel

70 (863-865

Mhz) system utilises a true diversity, full bandwidth receiver for the ultimate in RF stability. Outstanding vocal reproduction and stable wireless connectivity allow freedom of movement on stage. These systems offer crystal clear sound reproduction and rock solid reliability. Metal bodied transmitters feature ergonomic design with a rugged housing to stand up to the rigours of the road. The flexibility of the handheld systems may be increased by purchasing the additional DTM 800BP.

Phase Lock Loop (PLL) - IR sync facility for simple setup - True diversity receiver 863-865Mhz - 20 frequencies - Large LCD receiver display including RF level, AF level, channel and frequency - LCD transmitter display - Removable BNC antennae - Auto frequency response (handheld): 40Hz-15kHz - Audio output level: 400mV - Dynamic range: 96dB - Full width rack mount receiver - Up to 2 DTM 800 systems can be used simultaneously - Optional 12V DC 1000mA EU power supply available: Order code MIC70P