New From Prolight Concepts

New From Prolight Concepts

EQLED063_E06-8EQLED063_U01-17New From Prolight





Equinox Tumbler

This two-in-one effect combines two contra-rotating barrels and two quad-colour LEDs which generates an array of sharp beam effects that fill most rooms. Red, green, blue and white LEDs bounce off the barrels that rotate back and forth to generate multiple beams that reflect at multi-angles covering rooms and dance floors with ease. Users have a choice between 4 operational modes – auto, sound active, DMX and master/slave plus built-in programs which can be selected via the unit’s 4 push button menu with LED display.

ELUM018_U01-18Elumen8 MS550

The Elumen8 MS550 is a 180W LEo.ukD moving head with a beam angle of 13° a motorised iris and focus 3 facet rotating prismsand a gobo wheel with 7 rotating index able and replaceable gobos + open. This comes with 6 glass gobos and 1 metal gobo. The Elumen8 uses 15 dmx channels and is sound active it also so has master/slave modes. With a 0-100% dimming and variable strobe and a easy to use 4 push button menu with LCD display.

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Microbar Quad System

Designed to be an all-in-one lighting package, the Equinox Microbar Quad System includes a robust, heavy duty stand, heavy duty road bag, foot controller and 4 multi-colour LED Par panels fitted to a powered T-bar. The 4 LED Par panels are of a micro size and slimline designand each feature 3 x 8W quad-colour LEDs. The user has control over colour, auto, sound active and DMX modes, via the LED display and push buttons. The foot controller gives instant and simple control over several control modes: blackout, auto, sound and colour.

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