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The ProStage II Stage Mine propels a fantastic shower of shimmering coloured stars with or without a silver tail, creating a directional explosion of colour.

Available in several colours as well as bi-coloured and tri-coloured mixes.

Most make minimal noise, but the crackle effect introduces an extra dimension with randomly bursting stars creating a series of small bangs.


  • 25ft Stage Mines: 20-25ft (H) x 10ft (W)
  • 30ft Stage Mines: 25-30ft (H) x 10ft (W)


Stage Mines are made to order.


There may be minimal fallout as all pyrotechnics can produce some remnants of hot and/or cold fallout. Risk assessments must be carried out when using all Le Maitre products and this should involve a test firing of the product.

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Mine 25ft Blue, Mine 25ft Crackle, Mine 25ft Flitter, Mine 25ft Gold Glitter, Mine 25ft Gold Glitter, Mine 25ft Green, Mine 25ft Mixed Colour, Mine 25ft Orange, Mine 25ft Purple, Mine 25ft Red, Mine 25ft White, Mine 25ft Yellow, Mine 25ft Blue With Tail, Mine 25ft Green With Tail, Mine 25ft Orange With Tail, Mine 25ft Purple With Tail, Mine 25ft Red With Tail, Mine 25ft Yellow With Tail, Mine 30ft Green, Mine 30ft White, Mine 30ft Silver, Mine 30ft Flitter, Mine 30ft Blue, Mine 30ft Crackle, Mine 30ft Yellow, Mine 30ft Orange, Mine 30ft Purple, Mine 30ft Green With Tail, Mine 30ft Red With Tail, Mine 30ft Mixed Colour, mine 30ft Yellow With Tail, Mine 30ft Orange With Tail


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